Domain Name Registration – Giving Identification to Your Website

By | October 22, 2022


The first question that comes in your mind after you decide to finally launch a website is what would be the name of your website. Just like every human being is addressed by his / her name, websites have names too. And to make that name visible in virtual world, it has to be accompanied by an identification label which is known as a domain name. A domain name is something that we come across in our everyday lives while browsing on the internet. It’s something that describes an empire of administrative authority, autonomy or domination on the internet based on DNS which is known as a domain name system. Some of the best examples of a domain name,.net,.org,. edu etc.

Basic Understanding:

Domains are normally classified according to their importance on the internet and we all know that the most common and most preferred domain name used over the internet is .com

The main purpose of a domain name is to easily impart effortlessly memorizable and decipherable identity to the internet resources that are numerically addressed. Domain names are basically called as domains whereas the owners of the names are called as registrants or name owners. However the registration of a domain name with domain registrar does not essentially bestow any legal possession of that domain name, but only a right of use that is exclusively for a domain owner.

Domains are mainly used in a variety of networking framework and application specific addressing function. domeinnaam kopen prijs Domain names are specifically organized in different level-sets which are as follows:

· First level set: These are top level domains abbreviated as TLD’s and they include gTLD’s which is generic top level and ccTLD’s which is country code top level domains.

· Second & Third Level Domains: Second and third level come below first level set of domains in the hierarchy and are usually open to be utilized by users that desire to connect to the internet, create publicly accessible internet resources or to run websites.

The complete technical infrastructure of a Domain Name system consists of a naming tree in which each point contains data that is interlinked with the name. The domain name actually consists of different parts which are technically called as labels that are bordered by dots like

Now the best way to understand different parts of a domain name is to start from the end to the beginning.

For e.g. in the domain name www dot sample dot com, the last label reflects the top-level domain name which means .com is the top level domain name.

Then the flow of hierarchy advances from last to second last label in the domain name which is known as a sub domain to the top-level domain which was .com. Similarly the third level domains are the ones that are canvassed immediately before the second last label. There are also fourth and fifth levels of domains with no limitation virtually. Finally the www initiating a domain name is the name of a host and each label in a domain name is separated by a dot.

The complete hierarchy of labels may have 127 levels and each label may hold up to 63 characters, however 253 characters may be the maximum limit of a full domain name, but generally the domain registries may have brief limits too.

The Domain Name System was given shape in 1980s and the domain name space was alienated in two major assemblies of domains. ccTLD which is The country code top level domains and gTLD which is generic top level domains.

Some Interesting Facts and Figures:

The first business internet domain name which was registered on 15/03/1985 by one computer systems firm located in Massachusetts..

Not having gained much popularity in the beginning, mere 15,000 domain names were registered till the year 1992, however till the end of December 2009 this number soared to approximately 192 million and as per the recent research data, the number of registered domain names has skyrocketed the limit to 84 million domain names as of March 2010, out of which e-commerce and business websites owns 11.9 million, 3.1 million domain names are dominated by websites related to finance, 1.8 million are used by sports websites and 4.3 million for websites for just entertainment.


Domain name registrars endorsed by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers delegates the right to use a domain name. It’s an organization charged with control of the name and number systems over the Internet.

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